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    Gender: Male
    Location: India
    Relationship: Single
    Orientation: Straight
    Children: Maybe Someday
    Body Type: More to love
    Height: 5'11"
    Religion: Hindu
    Ethnicity: East Indian
    Skype: Govindmnair
    Yahoo: govjaguar
    MSN: Govindmnair
    Gmail: Govindmnair
    About Me: Basically a very fun loving, computer and technology crazy,lonely,a bit emotional and religious guy who loves cars and singing...looking for a great career in IT
    Music: Any thing that touches my heart and makes me happy....
    Movies: A wide variety....ones that entertain me a lot and always leaves something for me to think for a long time..
    TV: Discovety travel&living, Discovery, National geo, star world,hbo...
    Books: Most preferable r magazine of cars and computers...some science fiction also
    Likes: Carsssss, good music, computers, and !
    Dislikes: Alcohol,smokes,wildlife poaching and people who r insincere and jealous
    Hobbies: Computers, Singing, cars,TV, driving, music
    Vices: Try try till u suceed.
    ..An attempt is a small thing, but it can be a promise for the future...
    Virtues: God,family values,good habits
    Heroes: My mom , sister,BIL and my dear friend | Join | Legal | Be Safe | Help | Report User | Report Content